Wednesday, July 22, 2009

a few glamor shots from rocky..

courtesy of kevin: demoncats


Monday, July 20, 2009

we won rocky vii

first ladies and 9th overall.

but the excitement was kind of dashed when we got accused of cheating. by today it was straightened out and we were told to keep the bags, so i said in return i wanted our names cleared (though, im sure that wont happen). i hate scene drama. we rode our little tushies off and now have some sweet bags to show for it!

anyway, back to the track next weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

pouring rain

i am about to go get yummy, greasy food and delicious beer with nina before heading over to goldsprints. mike told me we had to take a cab because apparently there is a man between the spring garden and girard stops on the el who is poking people with hypodermic needles. i dont understand people sometimes.

i was on my trainer earlier and my legs felt fantastic! kind of bummed im not racing the track, but tomorrow melissa and i are racing for these bags:

but tonight is goldsprints, and i am going to spin my little heart out!

then tomorrow night and sunday is mike and jenna time! woohoo. we may go to the lake!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

this is what i do..

in my spare time.

tomatoes, squash, canteloupe, watermelon, beans, hot peppers, bell peppers, mini sun flowers, etc etc etc..................................


racing was fast today. extremely fast. field of 17 women and 3 juniors.

after last night's ride and my general lack of riding, i finished middle of the pack each race. i got a great workout and am really glad i wasn't dropped. first race was a 9 lap win and out, second race was a 6 km scratch and the last race was an unknown tempo.

so my new bike... IS FANTASTIC! fits like a glove and is the smoothest machine i've ever owned. i am so stoked that the weather is nice and i can start riding regularly again. tomorrow morning training begins with a ride, possible group ride, with my teammate sarah and possibly some other people.

ok, so for the bike porn...

4 hours til race time

i picked up my new frame yesterday, and i am sooo excited to try it out. it looks much more intimidating that my last bike. haha. black, white and red, but i will post pictures later. i switched from a 51.5 to a 50, now all i have to do is lower the saddle. i did switch to clipless because i feel really good in my clips and straps.

8 races left in the season, but next weekend i am going to skip the track and race in town. melissa and i are going to be partners for the annual rocky alley cat race. i am pretty stoked because normally i am not very good at alleycats because i have no sense of direction, but this race is different because one person runs the packages from 2 set points and the other drops them all over town, so it works out ideally.

last night emerson took me on a little training ride, and it really made me miss how often i used to ride my roadbike. i told him he should keep training me so i can get into shape and actually ride a real road race before the season is over. hopefully that happens. we are also highly considering doing the air products class in august and going up to kissena on some tuesdays to race. i am working on twisting his arm hehe...

anyway, i am going to make mike and i some delicious breakfast and then we're off to track!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

new track bike!

Steve at Bell's Bike shop is hooking me up with a Dolan pre cursa frame! woohoo. I am going to get fit on Wednesday and he said it will be ready by Saturday for racing!


My makino needs to go into retirement. She has stress fractures at her lugs. :(