Monday, November 17, 2008

house party cat alley cat

i did an alley cat on saturday night in a torrential downpour. seriously. it rained like an inch in less than an hour.

i am fully prepared for winter, but i never rain proof myself. who knows why!

as far as getting around the city goes, i am quick and good at manuevering around cars and pedestrians- what i am not good at is sense of direction. i finished 14th overall and 4th woman.

once we were all back at the bar, i was comparing odometer readings with a threesome from deleware whom i rode with breifly. it turns out that my poor sense of direction added on an extra 4 1/2 miles to my race. good training, i suppose. haha. in addition, i shot gunned two beers, did two jello shots, bobbed for a beer then slammed it and did a 10 second keg stand. i weigh 115 pounds! come on now, people! maybe i would be an all star alley cat rider if i could hold my alcohol.

after my last stop, which was blakeslee's, i was trying to avoid south street, but then had to swerve away from a car, and when doing so i ran over sewer that was uncovered due to construction and blew both of my tires out! luckily i was only two blocks from t. moms.

so after all that riding in the rain, i was feeling very sleepy and stayed in bed until 5pm on sunday. a much needed rest.

tomorrow after my morning class, i am going on a birthday ride out to valley forge, and then out with friends for dancing and drinks.

yay to turning 22.

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