Sunday, November 23, 2008

first team training

I don't know how to download the maps from my GPS, so here's the stats.

distance: 54.53 miles
elapsed time: 3 hrs 55 mins
average pace: 4:19/mile
max speed: 33.4 mph
calories: 2923
average heart rate: 154 bpm
max heart rate: 188 bpm
avg cadence: 83 rpm
ascent: 1858 ft
descent: 1782 ft

It was chilly out this morning! We ran into some people traffic due to the Philly marathon, but other than that it was a beautiful day to ride. A bit of a strong head wind around norristown, but it didn;t last very long.

We rode out through Manayunk and picked up the bike path and continued out to Valley forge. Then we rode across the highway and over to the Lower Providence crit course and did about 7 laps focusing on keeping our line tight while cornering. The LP crit course is the first big crit/race of the season- about 40 women in each field.

George told me that I should lower my saddle about an 1/8th of an inch because I am pointing my toes in order to reach the bottom of my pedal stroke and it is causing me to rock my hips. That explains why my right hip has been bothering me.

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