Monday, April 20, 2009

such a slacker!

Here is a really quick update!

I did not get a new bike, but I upgraded to 2009 campy centaur and I love it. I am getting resized on my bike tomorrow at noon, which is a VERY good thing considering I was never sized for it to begin with and my riding position is in some serious need of help. As George, my coach, put it, it looks like I am fighting the bike the entire way instead of dancing a ballet with it.

I have a ton of rides to post on here, and some stats that I am very excited about! Considering I maybe rode my trainer 8 times all winter, I feel very strong and very fast.

We leave for spring training on Wednesday, and then when we get back I have a long list of races to race! Very exciting.

I raced the first day of the Philly 2 day, and didn't do well, but it was a pretty sketchy field and after almost getting crashed out, I fell off the back of the pack and stayed there- riding contently and fighting the 30-50mph winds by myself, but I figured with it being so early in the season there was no reason to risk getting injured in a 50+ person cat 1-4 field.

OH YEAH! and the biggest reason I was a slacker all winter was because Mike asked me to MARRY him on New Year's Eve. Down on one knee with the most beautiful antique style engagement ring I have ever seen! So in the midst of being so majorly, head over heels in love, planning a wedding, going back to school and nannying, I didn't have much time for the bike! Maybe this will become a wedding blog as well? hehe

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