Saturday, May 30, 2009

track season started!

last weekend.

here's my race report from the SG blog:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Track Racer is Born!

Yesterday I raced at Trexlertown!, and it was AMAZING! The girlz on the Track clinic must have been great because we had a field of 17 ladies and 1 junior boy for the day of racing! The officials said it was the largest womens field they had ever seen there. Despite the fact that it was most of our first time on the track, the field was SOLID and fast. Not to mention a pretty varied age range, and super helpful with any questions I had. There was only one crash, but it was because a lady accidentally unclipped and fell down, but luckily she just slid and went down alone and she is OK.

I didn't ride aggressively because I felt I really needed to get a feel for the races and track (considering it was my first real time racing), but I ended up still getting a 7th place finish in my last race! We had a 6 lap scratch, a 12 lap points race and an unknown distance race (which was sooo exciting!).

I am planning on pursuing my cat upgrade and racing at ttown as many Saturdays in the 12 race series as possible. It was awesome being able to show my SG colors on the track and I also got to meet one of S1's Salamander teammates (Laura McCaughey).

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